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FlipFlops are hard to navigate when you’re drunk


Bar Belle from 6/30/10 LEO Weekly

My two cents on all this soccer crap.

Today’s Reason To Drink

It’s 69 degrees! Don’t forget about Waterfront Wednesday tonight … free, Harbor Lawn of Waterfront Park, live music by Carney, Joshua James and Sonos. I’ll be bartending, so come say hi.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Would you rather be able to fly or have Oprah’s money? If you could fly, would you be rich? I kinda doubt it … I mean, what could you do? I guess you’d be a good delivery person. But I don’t think UPS drivers make the kind of money Oprah does.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Why am I always shocked to come into work on Monday and find something not working? Today it’s e-mail. Last Monday it was the printers. The Monday before that it was the server. I’m just going to start expecting everything to be fucked up and not working … and perhaps adjust my schedule to come […]

Belgian Beer Week @ Flanagan’s

Tonight is the kickoff for the Belgian Beer Week at Flanagan’s (934 Baxter Ave.). At 7, they’re tapping a keg of Lindemans Peche, a golden peach lambic with a sparkling appearance and fruity taste. At 8, the night continues with Saison Dupont, a classic Belgian farmhouse ale.

Today’s Reason To Drink

“I see,” said the blind man …

Bar Belle from 6/23/10 LEO Weekly

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Here is lots of beer poetry, Just for you!

Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat @ Browning’s

They have Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat on tap at Browning’s now … for a limited time. I hear they only have about three kegs. But it’s delicious. If you’re going to a ballgame soon, be sure to stop in and try it. It’s kinda like a Blue Moon, but a lot lighter, and it tasted great […]

Today’s Reason To Drink

I continue to be confused, upset and thirsty due to this overly hot June weather we’ve been experiencing. This is not normal, yet I don’t see anyone worried about it. I want an explanation from someone about what’s going on. I need an interview with Mother Nature or God or Oprah. I want hope that […]