Dancing With The “Stars”

Yeah, I admit it, I’m watching this season. But it’s the first time I’ve watched the show … so give me a break. Here are a few thoughts after watching last night’s premiere episode:

1) Margaret Cho can dance. Someone just needs to tell her that.

2) I call bullshit on Jennifer Grey’s tears for Swayze … truth is, they hated each other even before making “Dirty Dancing” — they first met on the set of “Red Dawn.” Their feuds were infamous … I doubt they were even Facebook friends. Notice how the tears came when the camera was rolling? Maybe I’m still bitter from her nose job.

3) Give The Situation a few Jagerbombs before his next performance.

4) Mrs. Brady is still cool.

5) Hasselhoff is not and never was.

Where for art thou nose?

Where for art thou nose?


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