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Chow Wagon is open!

Corn dogs, ice cream and fried Oreos, oh my! The Chow Wagon is officially open, and I can see all the fried goodness from my office window. Go indulge, fellow Louisvillians. It’s Derby.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Is there an open bar at the Royal Wedding? That’s the only thing I’d care about.

Today’s Reason To Drink

“A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though she knows you are slightly cracked.” —Bernard Meltzer

Interview with a Pygmie

I got a few minutes this week to talk with Cam Flenor, lead singer of the Velcro Pygmies, who I mentioned in my column this week. They’re playing at the Chow Wagon on Tuesday, May 3, at 8 p.m. See you down there! Bar Belle: After 20 years, why are the Pygmies still around? Cam: […]

Bar Belle from 4/27/11 LEO Weekly

The Velcro Pygmies are playing Tuesday (fingers crossed). Here’s an assessment of why I love them so …

Today’s Reason To Drink

A few things we can rightfully blame on the rain: •No Waterfront Wednesday in April •A halt in Derby Fever •Crazy dreams about high water •A scary bug in my bathroom •Depression/Anxiety/Fear (storms) •Wet socks •Frenzied weathermen •Milli Vanilli •All my insecurities •The 15 extra pounds I carry around •Global Warming •Sarah Palin

Today’s Reason To Drink

Forgot how awful Tuesdays are without adequate sleep. Coffee – check. Chocolate – check. Sanity – …

Today’s Reason To Drink

Trying to get this installed in the LEO offices.

Just say no to Katy Perry

I know it’s your teenage dream to go to the Katy Perry concert in September … but just remember, my devoted followers, that the date of her concert is the same night as my Gettin’ Drunky in Kentucky pub crawl. There will be more fireworks on the 13-bar stumble down Bardstown Road than at the […]

Today’s Reason To Drink

14 generous sips of mint juleps are nothing … made it through the contest in one piece! The winner for the third year in a row was Rory McCollister from Varanese. Congrats!