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Today’s Reason To Drink

It is Friday, and we stand on the edge of the Big Game Day. Will Blue triumph over Red? Will Red surprise the naysayers and trample Blue until they turn purple? I will be rooting for Red all the way. And to make sure lady luck is on our side, I’ve found a four-leaf clover […]

Today’s Reason To Drink

If I had a nickel for every penny I spent in a bar, I’d be rich!

Yesterday’s Reason To Drink

I didn’t forget to post yesterday … our blogs were down because they had gotten hacked into. Not sure why you’d want to hack into The Bar Belle blog — maybe because it’s the most awesome thing you’ve ever read! I will keep telling myself that. So yesterday’s reason to drink is: There is no […]

Today’s Reason To Drink

Happy Birthday to Mr. Saul T. Loads! (Heehee … never gets old.)

Today’s Reason To Drink

My liver needs a break from all this March Madness. I’ve never had this many of my teams make it to the Final Four. Go Louisville. Go Kentucky. Go Ohio State. Go cheering. Go buckets of beer. Go rim jobs. Go 3s. Go shots.

2012 Derby Woodford!

I want.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Please help me root for my Ohio Bobcats tonight! In turn, I will root for your Wildcats! Thanks, Kentucky.

Apocalypse Brew Works to open soon!

A new brewery is about to open in Butchertown — called Apocalypse Brew Works! The actual tasting room on Mellwood Avenue will be called the “Fallout Shelter.” Cool! From the looks of it, the beer is gonna be quite tasty, because it’s being crafted by a group of beer-making professionals. Below is a video (by […]

Today’s Reason To Drink

Don’t let the 800-pound, 10-foot, reinforced steel door that will be immediately sealed by a welding team featuring Jennifer Beals hit you on your way out. Thanks.

Bar Belle from 3/21/12 LEO Weekly

The city was awash in happiness, blue, green and red on Saturday!