Today’s Reason To Drink

thunderHappy Thunder! Hope it’s loud, pretty and booming as ever.
Hope you don’t get stuck in three-hour traffic afterwards!


Today’s Reason To Drink

picstitchLast night I got a sneak peek of the new Great Flood Brewing Co., which is set to open Friday at 2120 Bardstown Road near the Douglas Loop (right next to Twig & Leaf). The room was bright and spacious — with ample table and standing room. Images from Louisville’s great flood of 1937 are depicted on the walls, and framed newspapers from the time hang by the booths. (Did you know 70 percent of Louisville was under water?!)

The beer list was simple — APA, IPA, Brown, Hoppy Irish and Wit — and it was quite delicious. I had some of each (it’s my job), and my favorite was the IPA, with the Hoppy Irish a close second. They don’t offer food but will have several takeout menus from nearby restaurants. (I suggest grabbing some Dundee Dip and potato skins from Dundee Tavern on your way.)

The grand opening is Friday, April 11, at 4 p.m. All pints will be $4. And they have T-shirts and glasses for sale.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Great Flood!

Bar Belle from 4/9/14 LEO Weekly

ginLast Friday, I came face to face with the evils of gin. My sanity ship hit the ginberg and sank quickly. I’m still searching for a signal from my black box.

Today’s Reason To Drink

banana-splitThis morning as I was driving to work from the gym, I smelled the wonderful scent of a banana split wafting through my car. What does it mean? Am I in need of one, even though my pants are already too tight? I don’t think so. Perhaps there’s a new business in town releasing fumes that smell like a mix of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge, nuts, bananas and whipped cream. If I could bottle that smell, I would.

Today’s Reason To Drink








Sorry, Cats, you had a great run through the brackets. I was rooting for you last night, but UConn just played a better game. They made their free throws and 3s. Sure, the refs were blind, but when are they not? It was a good run nonetheless. #bbn #barbellenation

Tale of the Horse contest

2013's Tale of the Horse winner Alexis Weber (center) with Chef John Varanese (left)

2013′s Tale of the Horse winner Alexis Weber (center) with Chef John Varanese (left)

The third annual Tale of the Horse contest takes place tonight at Varanese, 2106 Frankfort Ave., at 5:30 p.m. Stop by for happy hour on your way home! Sponsored by, the contest challenges area bartenders to create an original post-Derby cocktail intended to be enjoyed the day after Derby — you know, when your head is pounding and you’re not sure where your shoes are. The event is free to attend, and there will be giveaways and drink and dinner specials.

I’ll be judging the fierce competition once again this year and am looking forward to seeing what creative concoctions the bartenders come up with. Last year, Alexis Weber of Sidebar won with her drink named Vivacious Vixen. It was vivacious indeed.

Today’s Reason To Drink

clownIt’s OK, Ronald. Cheer up. I tried the new Taco Bell breakfast and didn’t much care for it. You’ll always be my No. 1 stop for a quick fast-food coffee in the morning.

Today’s Reason To Drink

SP_CoctailConferenceI usually shy away from organized conventions because the topics just don’t hold my attention enough to give up an entire afternoon. But then I heard about this Cocktail Culture Conference, and my outlook began to change. Organized by U of L and Drake University, the event spans two days and is fairly reasonable — the morning sessions at the Brown Hotel are free, and the afternoon sessions at St. Charles Exchange are $10 and include drink samples. Some of the more interesting topics include “Cocktail Culture, Idealized Feminity and Post-War Cocktail Dress” by Lori Hall-Araujo (independent); “Hangovers, Hairs of the Dog, and the Inevitability of Excess” by Stephen Schneider (U of L); and “Confessions of a Cocktail Nerd” by Sonja Kassebaum of North Shore Distillery.

I’m participating in Saturday afternoon’s panel discussion on Louisville’s own cocktail scene. Mom is proud! My session starts at 2:30 p.m. at St. Charles Exchange and costs $10 — but there will be cocktail samples involved! Woot! The session before mine starts at 1, so you should make an afternoon of it. Here are the details:

April 4-5
Cocktail Culture Conference
Brown Hotel & St. Charles Exchange

Today’s Reason To Drink

Makers_Mark_Square_Shot1_LGSo, if you don’t have any plans after work, you should join me at Haymarket Whiskey Bar (331 E. Market St.) for a bourbon class with the folks from Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam and free appetizers from the yummy pizza place, LouiLoui’s. I know there will be several bourbon samples and lots of nerding out on all things bourbon. The cost is $15, and you can purchase tickets at or at the door.

Let’s toast to sunny days ahead!

Today’s Reason To Drink

photoLast weekend I went to a mall. For real! It was a big mall — attached to Opryland in Nashville. We were walking along, judging people’s wardrobe selection, when we came upon Spencer’s. I thought we had time-traveled back to 1989! I was hoping I could find Debbie Gibson posters and NKOTB bed sheets and lava lamps. Well, we found only lava lamps — but so much more. I guess kids’ tastes are different these days, because there were dildos, chain wallets, a Marilyn Monroe flask, silly shot glasses and T-shirts galore.

I found a flask that I could not live without (picture coming soon) — and when I went to purchase it, the Goth/metal hybrid store clerk notified me there was a sale, and I could get another drink-related item half-off. “Shit the bed!,” I said. “BRB!” So this is what I picked out — a coffee mug that shows who’s the boss around these parts. Naturally I brought it to the office, and nobody really seems all that impressed. Oh well. It makes me happy, and I feel like a cowboy when I drink coffee out of it. I also, oddly, want to shout My name is DJ Quick, so you can fuck the rest! from one of my favorite songs, “Born and Raised in Compton.” Boom.